Smoking during Pregnancy

British professor of gynecology, Jean Golding, says that the harm from smoking during pregnancy is much more significant than previously thought. She noted that smoking has negative effect on health of smoking mothers, but also significantly increases the risk of premature birth and even likelihood of stillbirth.

Pregnant women, smoke

Smoking pregnant women face higher risk of preterm birth – 27 per cent. Their smoking daughters have even higher risk – 29 per cent. Furthermore, if one’s grandmother was a smoker as well, then the risk increases to 60 per cent.

By the age of ten, a baby-girl of a smoking mother will experience disastrous consequences of nicotine effect on her body. The girl’s fertility will be negatively affected as well.

Professor Golding pointed out, that non-smoking pregnant women usually experience pleasant physical and psychological state midway through the pregnancy. On the other hand, smoking pregnant women rarely experience this state. So, if you want to be happy during pregnancy, you need to refrain from smoking when planning pregnancy, the pregnancy itself, and breast feeding period.

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