Stress May Cause Asthma in the Coming Child

Pregnant BellyThe latest study traces asthma and some other allergies to the patient’s parents feeling uptight and tense during pregnancy. It isn’t the first time that stress was linked to asthma attacks, and now a research conducted at Southern California University concludes that stressed and anxious parents aggravate the condition of the unborn children making them definitely asthma-prone.

Especially it relates to polluted areas where asthma constitutes a greater threat for children of tense parents than for other children living in the same neighborhood.

An article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explains that stressful condition makes the person’s airways more vulnerable to the inflammatory effects of polluting agents in traffic exhaust and cigarette smoke.

Therefore, the researchers point out, children living in a polluted environment in combination with a stress-riddled home run a much higher risk of developing asthma.

These youngsters also tend to feel more stressed than their peers.

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