Stressful Pregnancy Affects Child’s Mind

The University of Warwick in Great Britain informs that the children of the mothers whose pregnancies proceeded in stress, will continue to have problems at school.


The results of the study show that stressful pregnancy can affect the child’s development and increase the risk of problems with his mental state in the future.

As a rule, the main prenatal causes of stress among pregnant women include serious family problems, such as financial hardships or alcohol and drugs abuse.

Dieter Wolke, professor of psychology at the University, claims that this is the first scientific study that analyzes the result of stressful pregnancy as a direct influence on the fetus in its worst manifestation.

When a person is depressed, a lot of neurohormones are released into the blood stream, and it can influence the course of fetus development in pregnant women.

It will be mostly reflected on the behavior of the child, as well as his emotional state and reactions to what is happening.

The child’s behavior at school will also be affected: it is more likely that the child will be frightened and reserved, which, undoubtedly, will be the cause of mental health problems in the future.

The study was published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

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