What Causes Pregnancy Forgetfulness?

Women’s forgetfulness during pregnancy, which occurs with a large number of expectant mothers, has a definite purpose. Researchers from the UK have found that it helps the woman to establish an emotional connection with her baby and learn to understand its needs better.


Scientists from Royal Holloway, University of London have not only scientifically confirmed the existence of women’s forgetfulness during pregnancy, but also found what it is needed for. It turns out that a pregnant woman’s brain experiences changes necessary to prepare the mother to establish an emotional connection with the child.

The researchers saw an increased activity in the brain areas responsible for pregnant women’s emotions. This activity also leads to forgetfulness. The finding suggests that hormone activation during pregnancy especially develops women’s intuition, which helps moms better understand the needs of their kids from the moment of their birth.

In the study, scientists observed the neurophysiological activity of 19 pregnant mothers and 20 mothers with children aged about 9 weeks. The women were given pictures of adults and children with a positive or negative facial expression. The results showed that pregnant women were more likely to use the right side of the brain responsible for emotions than women who have already given birth to children. We will remind you that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logics. At the same time, pregnant women significantly better discerned people’s emotions – the quality they will need when the baby is born, scientists believe.

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