Why Should All Kids Go to Bed at 9 PM?

As children, we were always told, “Nine o’clock. Children’s bedtime!”


Gradually, habits change, not only in adults but also in children. While we, as children, used to be in bed at 9 pm, a modern child can’t be even persuaded to put on their pajamas at this time.

A child should go to bed early. No excuses! This is because the growth hormone begins to be produced in the fourth stage of sleep, that is, approximately at 00:30, given that you go to bed at 21:00. If the child goes to bed very late, there is less time on the production of this hormone, which affects growth seriously.

Besides, according to the experiments in this field, children with proper sleep hours are more focused on learning and memorize information better.

Another significant advantage is that those who follow a strict timetable have a smaller risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in adulthood, since, according to doctors, there are only two things that slow it down: sleep and exercise.

Parents have to monitor their children’s habits. It is clear that you are at work all day, and the only time you can relax is the evening. But do not forget that children adopt all the habits of the adults, so it is best that you monitor the child’s hours. They are sure to affect his future, both physical and mental.

How to rebuild habits and to teach a child to go to bed early?


  • The situation needs to be changed radically, that is, you need not only to make the child go to bed earlier, but also have all family keep regular hours. After all, if a child hears voices after the lights go out, sees the light from under the door, he or she automatically concludes that it is not the ultimate bedtime.
  • Another solution is to start the tradition of reading to a child at bedtime. So they will understand that if mom or dad read a book to them, it’s time to go to bed.
  • An important factor to prepare for sleep is warm night lighting in the apartment. According to psychologists, warm yellow light relaxes and helps fall asleep better.
  • Another tip is to disable and remove all of your gadgets at night. When constantly checking your devices in the middle of the night, you are showing a bad example to children who may adopt your bad habits.
  • Do not forget about sports. Children who exercise in the evening fall asleep faster.
  • Do not ignore these rules. The habit of going to bed early will give good results in the future – the child will grow up confident, physically and emotionally healthy.

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