Women Mistakenly Blame Themselves for Miscarriage

A huge number of women facing miscarriage mistakenly blame themselves for it. They believe that they have lost a child due to their own mistakes or stress.


A survey conducted by the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal showed that almost half of the women, who have had abortions, considered it their own fault. They believe that they have lost a child due to some of their own mistakes or stress, which could have been avoided. As a result, these women face a strong moral suffering.

In reality, 60% of all miscarriages are a consequence of genetic problems, rather than external factors. In addition, abortions are not a rarity, as it seems to people – 25% of all pregnancies end with a miscarriage. The risk of a miscarriage does not depend on the emotional state of the woman, on her fears, complexes, as well as physical and mental overexertion.

The survey also showed that 20% of the women mistakenly believed that smoking, alcohol or drugs, rather than genetics, are the most common causes of miscarriages.

According to the study author Dr. Zev Williams from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, most people believe miscarriages to be incredibly rare events, although this is the most common complication during pregnancy. So, when a woman suffers a miscarriage, she feels isolated and begins to blame herself. Instead, it is necessary for her to communicate with doctors, psychologists, talk to friends and ask for moral support to the family.

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