Women Under Pressure to Lose Baby Weight Fast

Every fifth new mother appears to undergo pressure because of the changes in her body. A new study on it was conducted by BioOil embracing almost 800 women. They were asked about their feelings with a changed body when they were in their third month of pregnancy and then asked the same questions half a year later after their babies had been born.

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The results show that 20% of women who gave birth realize that their husbands or boyfriends don’t much like the way they are looking after the happy event and would like them to go back to their pre-pregnancy shape the sooner the better.

The survey showed that most of these women start to feel uncomfortable about their new looks, some saying it becomes the source of a stress and anxiety as they understand they are not looking as good as before.

The researchers were astonished to discover that at least one woman in five experiences a strong pressure from her partner over not having the figure as before.

It is “concerning,” as an expert put it, explaining that women don’t have to struggle under what is really an unnerving attitude displayed by their men and the media. In a number of cases other family members joined in turning the heat on.

About half of the women polled shared they begin worrying about regaining their former physique themselves apart from there being any external pressure.

This is hardly the proper time for this kind of anxiety, says Consultant Midwife and Clinical Lead at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Kathryn Gutteride; the women ought to concentrate on the baby’s wellbeing as well as make themselves relax after the overall physical strain and emotional upheaval.

A woman needs nine months to give birth to a baby, and it’s only reasonable that approximately the same time will be required for their body to get back to its pre-pregnant state.

Further, the study revealed that not all women know what to expect of their bodies; about 12% were amazed to find out that the birth did not lead to their growing thinner immediately. A recent proof of that was the media coverage of the royal birth when Duchess Kate was delivered of her child. Not all people are aware of what the pregnant woman’s body is going through.

As the fetus grows, the woman’s uterus and abdominal muscles keep stretching to make it comfortable for the baby, so the woman may still look about 8-12 weeks pregnant for a few months after delivery.

Of the polled women, 20% said the baby bump disappeared after 2 weeks; 17% lost it after a month; for 15% it lasted for about 3 months and for 27% even longer. Almost half of the women confessed that the first three months after they had had their child was a most worrying time for them because of the way their body looked. They went in fear of having their stretchmarks for good.

Other points to cause anxiety were weight, breast size and shape.

According to the study findings, after the uterus and abdominal muscles have returned to their former state, most women regain their pre-pregnancy weight and shape in six months and longer.

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