Fear Makes the Delivery Last Longer

Pregnancy is the most exciting, but at the same time pleasant period in a woman’s life. Norwegian scientists have revealed an interesting fact: it turns out that the duration of delivery is directly proportional to women’s fear.

Pregnant Woman Having No Fear
2209 women in labor have been selected. The women, who declared their fear (first delivery, lack of support, etc.) were delivering for 8 hours. The time count started with the opening of the uterus for about 3-4 cm. At the same time, the women, who had no fear, gave birth to a baby after 6 hours and 28 minutes on average.

In order not to feel fear, one needs to be prepared for delivery, and not just mentally. Women need to walk more and find what to please themselves with. Many women worry about their appearance. However, stores offer a variety of jeans for pregnant women today, as well as dresses and tunics. In these clothes you will feel comfortable and attractive.

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