Masturbation Helps Pregnant Women Give Birth Faster?

Having conducted a special study, the experts have drawn a conclusion that the vast majority of pregnant women, who want to accelerate the approach of delivery on the later stages of pregnancy, use non-standard methods to reach their goal.


For example, a lot of women try to walk more, have sex, eat spicy food or stimulate their own nipples. These data have been obtained from interviewing 201 patients at Northwestern Hospital.

The scientists have estimated that 102 ladies, which is 50.7% of the total number of participants, used different ways to speed up the approach of delivery. In the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the girls, the list of methods which help to achieve these goals includes laxative medications, herbal supplements, acupuncture, and masturbation. However, the scholars note that these methods are increasingly resorted to by relatively young ladies who are pregnant for the first time and not earlier than on the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy.

Regarding the sources from which women discover these ways of speeding up the delivery, the majority of the interviewed participants answered that they had learned it from their friends and relatives. And just less than a half of the participants of the experiment admitted that they had discussed these actions and the degree of their effectiveness and safety with a doctor. Despite the fact that the mechanisms of this kind of techniques are not well studied, a professor at Ohio State University and one of the leading authors of the research, Jonathan Shaffira, claims that the time of child delivery depends on the level of certain hormones that women are not able to control performing any of the additional actions.

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