Pain Relief in the Pre-Pushing Labor Period

We have already written about vertical birth and the benefits of vertical position for the mother and the baby. Now will tell you how a woman can make the pre-pushing labor period easier. Your assistants are a fitball, a monkey bar and a warm shower!

Just Before Labor

How to Use a Fitball in Labor?

A fitball is good because you can sit on it during the delivery. It is undesirable to rest on a rigid surface (a chair or a bed) because it impedes the progress of the baby’s head. But you are welcome to sit on a soft ball! Slow opening of the cervix? Languid labors? Swing on the ball back and forth drawing eights and circles with your pelvis. Labor pains? Sit on the ball, spreading the legs wide, and slightly bend down. Spring a little bit. If your doctor allows, then jump. Jumping decreases pressure on the pelvis and the adjacent soft tissues. Feeling ache in the lower back? Stand in front of fitball on all fours, hug it and put your head on it. Is your back tired? With the help of your husband or the staff, lie down on the ball, arching your lower back

Using the Monkey Bar in Labor

The monkey bar is less popular with moms than the fitball, because it is unclear when and what to do on it. Be hanging! The force of gravity reduces pressure on the lower part of the birth canal, which reduces pain.

How Does Warm Shower Help Birthing Mothers?

Uterine contractions and stretching of the cervix is felt as a dull pain in the lower back and the sacrum. Getting them under the warm shower spray will make you feel more comfortable.

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