Pre-labor Exercises to Ease Delivery

You can surely follow a healthy routine during pregnancy, but health and fitness becomes more important as the due date comes near. If you remain active and maintain your body in a healthy and fit manner, then this eases the stress during delivery in additionally making your labor and delivery shorter.


Giving birth to a child can be a very exhausting course of action that any woman would ever experience in her entire lifetime. Childbirth greatly requires mental training, flexibility and stamina.  If you keep preparing your mind and make it ready for labor and delivery, this process itself will help in decreasing the worries that you are undergoing a few weeks before the due date.

Exercises during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your pelvic floor muscles are supposed to be strong. You should start practicing Kegel exercises from your fourth month onwards to make these muscles stronger. These exercises appear and seem quite awkward in the beginning, but you can practice these exercises anytime and anywhere.

How does Kegel Exercises Work

The Kegel exercises tone the muscle called pubococcygeus or PC muscle. This muscle is helpful in making a woman stop urinating halfway through. These same muscles are responsible for pushing the baby out during the time of delivery. Once you have distinguished this muscle, you should tighten and try holding it up for 10 seconds. Follow this at least 10 times in a day. Once this muscle becomes healthy, you will be able to give stronger and effective pushed which would help you in reducing the time of delivery. Following this, you will be able to gain a proper control over your bladder till your delivery and even after it.

Making Hips Flexible During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a rare process of softening hip joints occurs which helps in sperading the hips in order to make place for the baby.  This rare hormone is called relaxing. To make your hips a little more flexible, try to perform light stretches, but make sure that you don’t push yourself too far on this one. You would notice a very different flexibility in your joints than before. This will also lead to torn muscles if you strech too much than what your muscles actually permit to. When you are performing leg lifts, you should make use of a steady support which will not let you loose support especially during your last few weeks of pregnancy. If you try to keep your hips flexible and well tones, your body will be strong enough to go through the process of childbirth and recover at a faster speed after delivery.

Sex is the Best Exercise

Sex is considered to be the best exercise during pregnancy. If you doctor has cast a green signal for you to have sex, it is one of the best methods to keep your pubococcygeus muscles in proper shape and an optimum way to keep your heart beating.

Best Exercises During Pregnancy

No matter what different forms of exercises your practice during pregnancy, light stretching and walking are considred to give out more positive results all throughout the pregnancy and are much better than the strenous exercises.

If you stay fit all throughout your pregnancy, it will be helful in easing your process of delivery and will make you recover soon. With the benefit of good health, you will gain the capability to manage in processing oxygen,you heart will be able to manage stress during the delivery and your body will recover within no time after delivery. If you continue to maintain a healthy diet and a proper exercises during pregnancy, you will be in a good shape in inviting your new born into this world.

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