Premature Labor Can Be Triggered at the Early Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy ProblemsYes, when something goes not quite according to the book during the first trimester, it increases the risk of the mother having a premature child. The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) had a paper delivered at its annual meeting to the effect that if mothers suffered from certain complications during the first three months of pregnancy, premature labor may ensue.

Some such cases may result from the history of earlier childbirths – early miscarriages (especially when twins were coming on), intrauterine hematoma (the accumulation of blood in the womb) can signify the possibility of premature labor in future.

Other cases have been tracked down to early vaginal bleedings that lead to untimely delivery of a baby that may be of insufficient weight.

The same thing (pre-eclampsia, as the medicos call it) can be manifested by recurrence of nausea in the mornings – and if the sensation is very strong, the risk may become as many as three times greater!

Yet the scientists are sure that close monitoring will take care of the biggest part of the problem. “It is a message that these patients need to have supervision,” concluded Robbert van Oppenraaij, the head of the researching team, explaining the need for expectant mothers troubled by vaginal bleeding or a constant feeling of nausea to remain under monitoring until the delivery.

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