11 Years Old Boy & 9 Years Old Girl Wed in Egypt

The people of Egypt seem to continue moving away from the secular state system, which the authority used to try to establish.


The fact is that the social networking has experienced a huge wave of disturbances after the video of a local wedding had been demonstrated there. The newlyweds were an 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.

In their turn, the parents of the children are happy and do not understand what caused such a large quantity of indignant reviews. The local customs allow getting married at such an age.

Meanwhile, Egyptian laws allow getting married only after being 18 years old. However, it is totally different medieval customs that seem to reign at the distance of 100 kilometers away from the capital of Egypt.

A few years ago, Egypt headed for a secular political system. The Parliament of this Arab state passed a law banning female genital mutilation. In addition, early marriage was recognized unwanted.

Under the new law, female genital circumcision can only be done for medical reasons. If a woman is subjected to the surgery for religious considerations, the people involved in this act – doctors and relatives – are subject to fines, and each of them has to pay 600 euros, or go to prison for up to two years.

As for early marriages, the trend of reducing their number has been going on for several years. At first, it was forbidden to get married if the bride was under 16 years old, and now the age has officially been extended to 18. Marriage at a younger age is allowed only after passing a number of medical studies that prove the bride’s maturity.

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