12-Year-Old Australian Girl Gets Married

63-year-old Australian has organized the wedding of his 12-year-old daughter and 26-year-old Lebanese. The man thought that the girl was ready to marry since she had reached puberty. The head of the family explained that his religious beliefs did not allow extra-marital affairs, so he considered sex before marriage a sin. However, such arguments did not impress the judges who sentenced the man to prison.


The marriage between the child and the man twice her age was held according to the Islamic traditions last year with the permission of the bride’s father. This marriage, however, is invalid according to the Australian law.

During the trial it became clear that the couple had sex immediately after the ceremony at the father’s house, and then the girl had a miscarriage. In March, the Lebanese was imprisoned for seven and a half years for sexual abuse of an underage teen. Trial proceedings concerning the girl’s father have also ended.

The judge said that religious beliefs did not justify the father’s actions. He was convicted of involving a child under the age of 14 years in the unlawful sexual activity. The man was imprisoned for eight years. The judge hopes that such punishment will be a preventive measure for other parents who want to spoil the lives of their children in such a way.

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