17-Month-Old Babies Really Talking to Each Other?

Judging by the latest online hit video that shows two 17-month boys deep in an earnest conversation, expectant parents may very soon have to learn baby language as a necessary part of their preparation program.

Sam and Wren’s parents confess that they have no inkling what their kids may be discussing in spite of the fact that they often talk to each other in what seems to be a full-featured language.

Have they made it up by themselves or do children really have a universal language different from any other in existence? Do they discuss the latest fashion in socks or compare their womb experience? Unfortunately, grown-ups are not privy to what is being said, but one thing is clear: the twins are having good time exchanging their views!

Scientists and linguists should get busy, for mankind may be on the verge of discovering a great secret of childhood!

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