5 Mothers from the Guinness Book of Records

Who was the most elderly mother of twins in the world? At what age did the youngest mother give birth to a child? What is the biggest time difference between childbirths? Geniuspregnancy.com tells you about these and other records.

Smallest mother in the world

Stacey Herald of Kentucky (USA) has the height of only 72 cm. This did not prevent her from giving birth to three children. Doctors warned the woman that pregnancy was a serious risk to her life. But Stacey has ventured three times.


By the way, her husband’s height is 173 cm. The woman suffers from osteogenesis and spends most of her life in a wheelchair.

The most elderly mother of twins

Omkari Panvar from India had been dreaming of a successor all her life, but she had only girls. Then, at the age of 70 years, Omkari decided to undergo IVF. To pay for in vitro fertilization, the Panvar family had to sell their buffalos, mortgage the land, spend all their savings and take a bank loan. Eventually, after eight months, Omkari gave birth to completely healthy twins, a boy and a girl, thus becoming the most elderly mother.


The most prolific surrogate mother

An American Carole Horlock has set a world record according to the number of childbirths as a surrogate mother. During 13 years, she managed to give birth to 12 children, including triplets. In an interview with one of the TV programs, the woman admitted that she had planned to become a surrogate mother only once, but then she could not stop. She does not conceal the fact that surrogacy was a kind of business for her.


The youngest mother

When in 1933 Lina Medina was taken to hospital in Peru, the doctors suspected tumor in her abdomen. The girl was 5.7 years old. But after examination, it turned out that the girl was… pregnant. Six weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby, weighing 2.7 kg.


It turned out that the girl had reached puberty by the age of 4. She did not confess who impregnated her.


The record for the time difference between births

This record was set by Elizabeth Ann Buttle, who gave birth to her first baby at 19 and the second baby – at 60. The time difference between the two births was 41 years.



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