7 Home Decoration Ideas for Halloween

On the eve of the holiday, we offer 7 different handicrafts for you and your child to decorate the house for Halloween.


Some suggested decorations can be done independently – for example, your child can make a gauze ghost, a ghost-garland or a jar lantern himself or herself under the parents’ supervision. However, carving the pumpkin should rather be done by the parents’, and the child can be entrusted with choosing the template and doing final decorations.

1. Gauze ghost


Ghost is one of the most popular characters on Halloween. Children dress up as ghosts, decorate the house with handicrafts in the form of ghosts on the eve of All Saints’ Day.

How do you make it?

You will need: wire, a plastic bottle, a ball (tennis ball or any other) and a sprayer with starch.


First it is necessary to make the frame of wire, the bottle and the ball, and then cover the construction with gauze.

When the gauze-covered frame is ready, spray some starch over the gauze. The ghost is almost ready, you are only to wait until the gauze dries. Add the eyes and put the ghost onto a shelf, over the fireplace or onto any other horizontal surface.

2. Small ghosts


This idea of ​​Halloween decor is very similar to the previous one, with the only difference that you use glue instead of starch and make a greater number of small ghosts from the same amount of gauze.

How do you make them?

You will need: a balloon, two paper or plastic cups, gauze, quick-drying glue, a bowl.


  • First install one cup on top of another (bottom to bottom) and fix them with sticky tape. Put a balloon inside the upper cup. Next, cut the pieces of gauze of the desired length and width, soak them with quick-drying glue, put on the frame that you have set beforehand, and wait until the gauze dries.
  • Carefully pierce the ball, glue two eyes of dark fabric or colored paper.
  • Now, the only thing left is to hang the ghost on a chandelier, a door or a hook.

3. Peculiar garland


To make such a garland, you will need a Christmas garland with small bulbs, white fabric, thread and scissors.


Cut out squares from a piece of white cloth to “wrap up” the garland, make a hole in the middle to run the garland through.


Fix the fabric with a thread and colour the garland with a black marker.


This garland can become an original decoration for windows, doorways, windowsills and even cabinets.

4. Jar lanterns


Make lanterns with your own hands, using jars as candleholders, and they will turn into original and cute lamps to decorate the porch, curbs and paths to the house. For example, Jack-o-lantern can be made of a glass or a jar by wrapping it with colored paper.

How to make it?


  • You will need: jars, candleholders, candles, colored paper or paint, glue, a marker.
  • Wrap the jars with colored parchment or just paint with gouache, draw different faces, cobwebs, ghosts and spiders.
  • A child can make such a lamp on his or her own, the parents’ task is simply to monitor progress.
  • Then glue the eyes, mouth, or any other image (e.g. a witch on a broomstick) cut out from black paper. A candle placed inside the jar will create the necessary illumination.

5. A flock of bats


An excellent handmade object to manufacture with your child is a flock of bats. Firstly, this decoration is easy to make, and secondly, children just love to cut out various figures.

How to make it?


  • To make this decoration, print a bat stencil and cut it out, and then stick it to the wall, a door or a window.
  • Print out a bat stencil and cut it out. If you do not have a printer, you can redraw the template from the monitor, pressing a sheet of white paper against it. For the flock to look more “natural”, it is possible to prepare several stencils of different sizes.
  • Fold the paper in half and place the stencil of a bat on top.
  • Cut out the template along the contour.
  • You should get such pretty bats!
  • Using double-sided tape, stick the bats to the wall.

6. Jack-o-Lantern


One of the mandatory Halloween attributes is a pumpkin. With school-age children, you can arrange a joint pumpkin-carving (making a Jack-o-lantern) a few days before Halloween. It will be a bright and memorable event for kids.

7. Small witch hats


If you are throwing a Hallowing party for friends or organize a children’s holiday, such hats can become wonderful and simple table decor. Place them on cocktail straws or desserts spoons – and a festive mood is guaranteed.

How to make it?


You will need: black paper, scissors and glue

To create two hats, cut out 3 circles, one larger and two smaller ones. Cut the bigger circle in half and roll a cone from each. Now glue the cones on the two small circles – and two hats are ready! Make as many hats as the number of visitors expected.

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