American Woman Has 14 IVF-Children

Many ChildrenNadya Suleman from Los Angeles suburbs, who gave birth to eight babies recently, confesses that she always wanted to have many children. Besides the newborns, Nadya, 33, has six other children. All of the fourteen children were conceived with the help of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The happy mother will have to bring up all 14 children alone.

Nadya’s mother is absolutely against such a large number of children. The grandmother points out that Nadya is not married and all of her children were conceived artificially. Nadya’s gynecologist diagnosed her with tubal occlusion, which means that the woman can not have children, but Nadya found a solution, namely IVF.

A number of embryos were obtained through this procedure. Usually, only one or two are selected for future development, while the rest are destroyed. However, Nadya decided to freeze her embryos. She gave birth after successful transfer of the embryo into her uterus. Later on she repeated the procedure and eventually became mother of six, who are those days between 2 and 7 years old. The woman still had some frozen embryos, so she decided to give birth again. According to Nadya, the number of embryos that were transferred to her uterus originally was less than eight, but she gave birth to eight due to division.

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  1. Tina

    I wonder what Nadya Suleman needed ALL these babies for if she has no husband and lives with parents!!! How is she going to bring up all these 14 children?


    Tina, I can really understand you, this is very irresponsible, but you still don’t know one fact about Nadya. She has a web-site where everybody can see photos of her children and make a donation – here’s how she will live and bring up the children. It’s so simple – she doesn’t need to work. I’d share the link if I had, but I don’t.

  3. Fiona

    I hope nobody will give this absolutely irresponsible woman money. Giving it would mean stimulating to doing this again and again. Nadya Suleman doesn’t care about these poor babies, she wanted to become famous and to get much money from doing nothing but giving birth to children, which other women do, while most of them keep working till the later pregnancy months and after pregnancy – normal women, not hanger-ons.


    I think that this lady has a plan, and if mankind do not help her God will, for her circumstances of having tube problems was not her own. Yes she tried once an it happened for her. If she can not manage she might consider give some of the children to some of the people who have not been so lucky as her. She tried again and God bless her again so God will provide for her to manage to feed them. I would like to know her gynecologist because i can then try to have a large family myself all growing up at once, because i come from a family of 11 and do not have any.

  5. Baby Diaper Cake

    Hopefully she wont do this again and 14 children will be more than enough! looking after one is a big job in itself, how would you manage with 14! Don’t really want to judge too much as long as the children are all loved and well cared for, fingers crossed they all are.

  6. Gara

    This plan has nothing to do with God bless and so on! This plan means becoming popular and getting money for doing nothing. Nadya Suleman is disgusting!

  7. bluejay in colo

    Nadia needs her head examined. I think she is absolutely nuts! Not to mention self centered and selfish. Those children will not get the priveledge of undevided attention from Nadia and no attention from the fathers,err sperm donors. They did not ask for this Nadia!
    Granted, many children today do not have active parenting from both parents, most of this is accidental, not planned.

    When your children grow up having psychological problems, take a look at the major contributor-YOU!

  8. Caro Gibon

    I think it is beautiful.

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