Anorexic Doll Scandal

European experts are exasperated by a recently created anorexic doll. The doll was created by a Spanish toy company, Famosa. The wave of criticism stems from the fact that the new doll is trying to turn her head away when you intend to feed her.


What kind of doll is this?

The doll is already in free sale in Europe. The doll has a spoon, which contains a magnet. The doll reacts to the magnet, turning away her head. The doll will keep turning her head away until the kid sets the spoon in a particular position.

Incorrect feeding behavior

Experts from YoungMinds organization are unanimous: girls and boys may face a clear demonstration of incorrect feeding behavior, which is characteristic of anorexia patients. However, the company also has useful toys for children.

The manufacturer of the anorexic doll explains that the doll demonstrates a typical child’s behavior. It is no secret that kids often refuse the given food.

The likely consequences

We can not exclude that the doll could significantly affect children’s eating habits. Chris Lyman of YoungMinds comments that the doll makes children think that refusing to eat is normal. They urge the manufacturer to think about it and remember that every child is very susceptible. According to their research, four out of ten children today refuse food simply to stay thin.

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