Baby Bath Seats Warning

Because of the increasing incidence of drowning in unsupervised kids, abandoned by their parents in the bathroom, baby bath seats are considered dangerous in the UK and some other countries.


British experts have studied the statistics of accidents that have occurred with children in bathrooms and warn that kids cannot be left unattended in water even for a second, even if you use baby bath safety seats – they have been declared unreliable.

Parents often rely on this device, as they consider it safe, but statistics say otherwise: there are cases when the baby turns over in a seat or simply slips down and sinks under the water. Every third accident, associated with the drowning child under the age of two years, was due to the use of baby bath safety seats.

Such accidents occur suddenly, almost in a matter of seconds. Babies immerse in the water without noise or resistance, so parents do not even hear this. Such incidents are not only fraught with fear and trauma; they often have tragic outcome.

According to the Public Health England association, death by drowning is a “tragic but preventable cause of death in babies.” That is why it is crucial to rely only on yourself and never leave children alone in the bathroom or near water; you should also use additional measures to protect children from drowning.

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