The Best Combination for Conceiving Babies: Extrovert He and Neurotic She

That’s the conclusion a study looking into the most fertile human combination came up with – a couple made up of an extrovert, outgoing male and a neurotic, unsure woman are best fitted to make babies.


It is a safe presumption that a convivial, upbeat male is generally able to make more money and bound to have a livelier sexual life… with the possibility of conceiving more babies, which will be limited only by contraception.

On the other hand neurotic women are ever anxious and hungry for more proof of relationship and attachment which is a powerful motivation to have more sex. Therefore when such people couple they are prone to have lots of sex and much more chances to have a larger swarm of children.

This is clearly seen on the example of the African state of Senegal, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows. This is a nation where the growth of the population is ruled by the established customs of polygamy and a practically total absence of birth control.

The author of the article, Prof. Virpi Lummaa, working at Sheffield University, England, writes “that the link between extroversion and number of children in men is driven by the effects of extroversion on the probability of belonging to the high social class.”

Professor Lummaa states that the conclusions of the study “might be universal across different societies,” the exceptions stipulated by use of contraception solely. The United States, being one of the “low fertility” nations, serves as an excellent confirmation.

The study also underscores that the arguments saying female neuroticism may be the result of having many children rather than the reason for that are untrue.

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