Best Kindergarten Ever

Today we’d like to share a video on an unusual kindergarten created by Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka. It’s called Fuji Kindergarten, it’s situated in Tachikawa near Tokyo, Japan, The building was completed in 2007. In this preschool kids can enjoy the sweetest time of their lives and be who they are supposed to be – happy children.


Fuji Kindergarten

The building is oval-shaped, which lets children run around as much as they can without meeting any boundaries. There’s enough space for up to 500 children. Just watch the video and anjoy!

This is one of the most unique playschool, where a kid feels themselves just like in a real fairy-tale! There are lots of outdoor and ‘indoor’ activities, unity with nature and real grown-up tasks, which little schoolchildren perform with a true pleasure and a cute concern.

Pay attention to the fact that in this kindergarten kids are much healthier than those in most other preschools worldwide. Can you imagine your little one run 6 kilometers in a few hours in his/hers kindergarten? There are no fat kids, no bullying based on weight problems. Children are outside almost all the time.

Let’s home there will be more places like this for children around the world!

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