Bra for 9-Year Old Girls Created

Adolescents are now reaching puberty at an earlier age. Manufacturers of underwear know about it. So, one of the British producers of lingerie for women presented a bra model for 9-year-old girls.

Lingerie for 9-years old girls

Mothers from all around the country immediately responded. They have agreed that girls are growing faster and asked the manufacturer not to make the bra for girls sexual. The model, that the designers suggested, was discussed by the whole world in one of the most popular social networks for moms, Mumsnet. For this purpose, there has been created a special discussion club! As a result, mothers agreed on the model, which would not have any sexuality at all.

The new bra for 9-year-old girls costs 9 pounds, has no bones and no lace, while the design fully corresponds to the idea suggested by the moms in Mumsnet.

International research confirms that young girls are now reaching puberty about one year earlier than 20 years ago. What does it mean? Are the first-graders going to wear bras soon?

Source of the image: Telegraph.

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