Breast Milk Ice Cream

One of the latest food crazes in London all but takes us back to mom’s breast as a restaurant in Covent Garden serves ice cream made from milk of human origin.


Oh, it’s not quite what we had as babies. Upon extraction female milk gets pasteurized, lemon zest and vanilla are added during churning; then it is ready for being made into ice cream. The dessert, called Baby Gaga, which is 75% female breast milk, a shot of Calpol and a rusk, goes for £14 per serving.

The Icecreamists’ management advertises the new ice cream as wonderfully tasty and wholesome. Founder Matt O’Connor said that while some people are inclined to shun it, they really shouldn’t, for it is a “pure organic, free-range and totally natural” product. There is no reason at all to avoid what our babies are pleased to feed on.

Anyway, the demand made the restaurant issue appeals for female milk donations and promise £15 for 10 ounces of milk. Will we be drinking breast milk during the whole lifespan now?

Source of the image: Photl.

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