British Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking for Money

Smoking Pregnant WomanBritain’s National Health Service (NHS) promises that it will pay pregnant smokers if they quit. Now the trial scheme has been launched only in one UK region, North-East Essex. Pregnant women who will kick the bad habit for the sake of their future babies are going to receive vouchers worth up to ₤100 (about $143).

Women will get ₤20 ($29) after a week off cigarettes, then ₤40 ($57) after another month and if expectant mother doesn’t smoke a whole year, she will be awarded a further ₤40 ($57). You can’t cheat NHS because each woman entitled to the incentive will have to undergo tests that could show exactly when they have smoked.

That is a great idea of NHS to ensure the good health of future babies for money. Probably, those who don’t smoke at all could also get something for being a non-smoker for their entire life?

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  1. Monica

    That’s a good question. May we, who don’t smoke, also be rewarded for not being that silly to smoke?

  2. Pamela

    Would be a great idea but no way. The best reward you have for non-smoking is your good health.

  3. Coco

    That’s well said by Pamela. It’s always money that work as reward or punishment and keep us from doing something. Great idea by British NHS!

  4. Pratella

    Pregnant women mustn’t smoke! Never! This is extremely unhealthy for the baby!

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    It’s a little sad that it has had to come to this, but if financial reward is an effective way to encourage mums to be to give up smoking, then it has to be applauded.

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    Well, I doubt that money can induce pragnents to quit smoking.
    One may learn why people smoke – reasons why people smoke to understand why it so hard to quit.

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