British Woman Never Says No to Her Kids

This woman has chosen a strange model in the upbringing of her children, allowing them absolutely everything, including swearing at her. She believes that children should not hear “no” from their parents.


The mother of two children from the UK Bea Marshall has interesting upbringing methods – “permissive parenting”. As you can guess, this technique eliminates any prohibitions and restrictions. Children themselves decide when they go to sleep, when they eat, clean the house or do homework.

Once Bea’s three year-old son cut the wire charging her cell phone with scissors, but the mother did not get angry. She only remarked that he really liked to cut and gave the boy a bunch of other things to spoil. And when the director of the local Department of Education told the parents of young schoolchildren that kids need to learn the word “no”, Bea appeared in the studio of This Morning to protect the permissive parenting technique.

Bea says that at first she followed Supernanny’s advice by introducing many rules and restrictions for her kids. She told them “no” too often. Then she started saying “yes” for six consecutive weeks and it changed everything magically. The woman believes there is no need to refuse the child; it should get the knowledge to do right, informed choices. Permissive parenting does not cause the child an emotional trauma. It will make the kid a mentally stable person, not amenable to bad influence.

A child psychologist Liz Fraser strongly disagrees with this point of view. She does not understand how a child may be appreciated for cutting a wire. Next time he may be injured or even killed by electricity! Nobody says that children should be drilled, but if you do not teach a child to be disciplined, it will be very difficult for him at school and in adult life. As a grown-up, he will not be accustomed to hearing the “no” to his requests and desires. He will not even know how to respond to this word.

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