Childcare Center Compensates $7 for Losing a Boy

The woman left her five-year-old son in the kindergarten, but the boy went for a walk and was out for an hour. As a compensation, the management of the kindergarten decided not to charge the woman $7.


The resident of the Gold Coast of Australia claims that her son, whom she had left in the Helping Hands childcare center for several hours, voluntarily left the territory of the institution and was out for an hour, without the staff even noticing it.

During his walk the 5-year-old boy crossed nine roads, including two lively interchanges. The child was found two kilometers from the kindergarten.

The woman learned about the incident from the police who brought her son. As a compensation the management of the kindergarten dis not charge the woman the $7 she had to pay for leaving the child at the center.

The woman filed a formal complaint against the kindergarten. The center management took disciplinary actions against a number of employees.

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