Children Back-to-School Expenses Come up to £1,000

A September poll of parents revealed that the average British family stumps up around £1,000 while it packs the child off to school.


Buying school uniforms, accessories and gear and paying for the school’s extracurricular activities does eat up that much money, and brand-dependence adds up some.

£500 goes to supply various activities like swimming, music, school trips and excursions, with 81 per cent of parents, and another £500 buys clothing and accessories with 95 per cent.

A little under 50% of parents admitted that they selected mostly clothes and accessories produced by famous brands this summer. A spokesperson for, which carried out the survey, accentuated that fact, saying that going for brands makes considerable demands on families with lower budgets: “Labels being so important to kids makes it a pricier time than ever.”

Brands serve their purpose to get the kid on a par with peers for 25% of families and in 10% cases they are intended to stave off bullying.

Source of the image: Photl.

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