Children Inherit Their Intelligence from Mothers

Scientists claim that a person inherits about 40-60% of their parents’ mental abilities, while the intelligence genes are only found in the X chromosome.


In other words, smart people owe their abilities, first of all, to mothers, because basically women are responsible for the transfer of intelligence genes.

It was found that the kids who obtained most of the maternal genes have a larger brain volume, but a smaller body size. And those who got more genes from the father are exactly in the opposite situation.

During the growth of the embryo, cells containing paternal genes ensure its survival. They are concentrated in the limbic system of the brain, which is responsible for aggression, hunger and sex.

However, researchers claim that father’s cells were not found in the cerebral cortex – the area where the most important human cognitive functions develop: intelligence, thinking, planning and language skills.

Whatever it was, we should not forget that mental abilities are not 100% due to genetics. Other studies show that parents play an important role in children’s intellectual development through physical and emotional contact. That is, the relationship of the child and the mother largely affects his or her intellect. The study’s authors argue that the children who have developed a strong relationship of trust with their mothers show more persistence in achieving goals, and are less likely to show disappointment when solving complex problems.

Regardless of the genetics, dads should not feel disadvantaged. Being emotionally available for the child and becoming a role model for him or her, a father contributes to his child’s development no less than a mother does.

Intelligence quotient (IQ), with which we are born, can play an important role, but ultimately it is not the decisive factor.

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