Children Outdoor Games Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Nintendo Wii is what comes uppermost in the minds of our children now when they hear the word game. Former playground hits like hopscotch and conkers cut no ice with the present-day youngsters, many of whom don’t even know the names of their parents’ favorite outdoor games (10% of children believing hopscotch is the brand name of a drink).

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These are the results of the poll conducted by Persil embracing children within the age range 4 to 11.

Ring-a-ring-a roses doesn’t ring the bell with 87% of the children polled; 80% pre-teens have never played Rock, Paper & Scissors, 75% don’t play tag at all, over 70% haven’t played hopscotch and 50% are unaware of Tiddlywinks.

93% of modern kids have no wish to play marbles and 50% don’t even know that marbles are to be played with.

According to the survey results, modern favorite games include Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and football.

The poll proves that many outdoor games are becoming fast forgotten, runs the summing up by a spokesperson for Persil who says: “There’s no doubt that high-tech gadgets are over-taking more traditional children’s pastimes.”

At least a few outdoor games retain some of their old popularity. Hide-and-seek and football are the ones that are still holding their ground, as yet.

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