Circumcision & Autism or ADHD Linked

The scientists from Denmark found out that circumcision increases the likelihood of developing autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in boys by the age of 10. This relationship does not depend on family income level and the child’s cultural environment.


The researchers from the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen observed more than 340 thousand boys from Denmark to find out that circumcision increases the overall risk of autism disorders by 46% by the age of 10. If circumcision is performed before the age of 5, the risk increases twice.

In addition, this hygienic procedure, once very common in the US and some other developed countries, also increases the likelihood of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in boys from non-Muslim families. In Muslim families, as we know, circumcision is a must.

Health surveillance of the children born in Denmark between 1994 and 2003 lasted for several years. By the tenth year of their lives, the doctors were able to diagnose more than 5,000 cases of autism spectrum disorders. According to the study author, Professor Morten Frisch, his team’s findings are confirmed by recent animal studies that have shown that a single painful injury causes a lifelong stress response.

Danish scientists found a clear and positive correlation between the number of circumcised boys and the prevalence of autism. Apparently, the reason for this is the reaction of the child’s brain to stress caused by circumcision.

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