Extra-Small Condoms Hothot for Kids Introduced

What has happened to kids these days? – adults wonder as they hear about the 11-year-old Bulgarian girl delivering in the middle of her wedding ceremony, or the 9-yeat-old Chinese girl having her cesarean section, or the 12-year-old boy who nearly became a father.


While general public hear shocking news worldwide, Swiss government and business are taking action. Regular condoms available at every pharmacists are not intended to be used by 12-year-olds – they are obviously too large – so an extra-small condom called Hotshot was introduced for those who start being sexually active too early.

Manufacturing of extra-small condoms was prompted by the Basel University research that was commissioned by the Swiss Government Committee on Children and Youth Affairs. The findings left scientists and officials shocked. Today’s teens start having sex earlier than it was in 90s. Sexually active boys tend not to protect themselves and have little sexual knowledge. They are not able to realize the consequences of their sexual activity and leave the girls to face the consequences by themselves, from STD to unwanted pregnancy.

What do you think about such extraordinary approach? Will it help to keep kids and their parents out of troubles?

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/red2000.

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