Drinking Pregnant Women Outlaw

British people fight for the law, which assesses drinking mothers, as the people who commit a criminal act. The Telegraph has written about it. This means that, in fact, Britain is ready to equate bringing harm to an unborn child because of the use of alcohol during pregnancy to a full crime.


Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

It is no secret that women who drink during pregnancy, often give birth to children with certain disorders. The authors of this initiative would like to protect their rights.

The Alcohol Case

As an example, there is a case of a six-year-old girl. Several years ago, there was a formal court hearing. It turned out that the baby really suffered from the actions of the mother, therefore, a child could expect to be compensated. But the court then failed to convict the girl’s mother. In the case record, it is said that the woman deliberately injected poison into her body, which threatened her life and the life of the child and could lead to the most serious damage to the fetus. This is a crime that fully complies with the Offences against the Person Act.

Fetus or Human?

The key problem is that the fetus cannot be equated to a person. So, it is technically impossible to blame the mother for intentionally harming the baby. Meanwhile, the representatives of the initiative group, who campaign to provide the child with compensation, are ready to take the case to the Court of Appeal in order to obtain indemnity on behalf of the victim. Neal Sugarman, who works in the GLP Solicitors law office in Manchester, is responsible for this issue.

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