Each Kid Has ADHD Symptoms

Another authoritative expert confirmed that ADHD is not a disease. It turns out that absolutely every child faces at least two symptoms necessary for the diagnosis to be verified.


Recently, several scholars in the West made ​​a statement that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD ) is a mythical disorder, which does not exist in nature. And it is found in children, who simply are not eager to learn or behave obediently, in the way that their parents could approve of. Well-known American scientist Dr. Bruce Perry of child trauma center in ChildTrauma Academy at Houston has confirmed this theory.

According to him, every person in the world shows the classic symptoms of ADHD at some period in life, but it does not make him/her a victim of this disease. Besides, according to the scientist, the drugs taken to treat these disorders belong to the group of stimulants and can cause the development of serious side effects.

Dr. Perry famously asks what symptoms include inattention, irritability, and restlessness. There is not a single child, who does not have them one day. ADHD has become a universal label that unites different symptoms, but this is only a description and not a real disease. Meanwhile, if you start giving a medicine for ADHD to your child, you will have to constantly increase the dose to achieve the desired effect. This is like making the child eat sweets – over the years, he/she will require bigger portions because of growing. As for animals, they have the same situation – the dose of stimulants should be increased all the time to provide the same level of satisfaction.

Dr. Perry offers “treating” restless children through various gaming techniques, such as drumming, or even yoga. Earlier, authoritative American neurologist, Dr. Richard Saul, released a book proving that no ADHD existed.

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