Each Summer is Fraught with 84 Arguments for the Average Family

A recent study of 3,000 parents revealed that each summer is riddled with 84 bickers plaguing a family. Two arguments breaking out every day add up to 14 per week and 84 during the sex-week holiday.


More than half of the families involved said that the summer holidays is the most quarrelsome time for them!

Parents don’t see eye-to-eye over money issues, there are disagreements over entertainments for the children and the children would pick on each other time and again.

Most of the clashes occur between the youngsters, but the parents get dragged in over 20 per cent cases. And though the average bickering time turns out to be 7.19 minutes, some of the worst fights can last several days on end.

Also there is a time of day when most arguments arise, 2.38pm discovered to be the time the risk is at its highest.

Colin Bryan, spokesman for the survey commissioner Drayton Manor Theme Park, remarked that while the summer holidays have always been trying times for all members of a family, when parents have to provide entertaining occupations for the kids, 84 seems to be a bit too much.

His idea for stifling continuous arguing is to plan holiday activities beforehand and making a timetable ensuring that all members have something to do… Although it may be difficult to abide by one later.

“And the traditional British weather often doesn’t help,” he added, “with rain keeping children trapped indoors and getting in each other’s way, instead of playing outside.”

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