Eighteen-Year-Old Gave Birth to Triplets

Sian Robbins and Callum Thomas with TripletsMotherhood at 18 is a challenge, but it is even harder to become a mother of many children in this age. When Sian Robbins found out that she was pregnant with triplets, she was devastated at first. She became mom for the first time when she was only 15; while being pregnant with Jaden she wrote her final exams. Sian was not scared when she found out that she was pregnant again, it was the moment when she was told that she was to have triplets that shocked her. Specialists were concerned about her health and warned her immediately that she had a higher risk of miscarriage unless she aborted one child.

Sian says that she knew that she was facing very high risk of miscarriage, but she decided to give her babies equal chances to live. Fortunately, there was no miscarriage and Taylor, Tyler, and Levi were born eleven weeks premature (May 28 instead of August 11). The babies were so small that they had to stay in incubators for some time.

Triplets Taylor, Tyler, and Levi

As for now, when the difficulties are over and the triplets are home with their parents, Sian can calmly recall the days they spent at the hospital. The happy mom admits that three babies is surely a lot to deal with, and yet she says that she is happy to have them regardless of the fact that they daily need 24 diapers and 18 bottles of milk. The triplets’ dad, 19-year-old Callum Thomas, is also delighted with his boys. The young couple currently lives in a two-bedroom council house, but they hope that soon they will be given a large and bright house considering that they are a large family now. What do you think, aren’t they a little too young to have such a big family?

Source of the images: dailymail.co.uk.

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