World’s Fattest Mother Dreams of Becoming Even Bigger

Donna Simpson weighs 600lbs, but doesn’t think it’s the limit. She is set on doubling her weight to become the world’s fattest woman.

Donna Simpson

Mrs. Simpson is dreaming of entering the Guinness World Records again (she became the world’s fattest mother in 2007) and she’s trying as hard as she can to get what she want. Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL dresses, tries to move as little as possible and her daily calorie intake amounts to 12,000 calories. Her favorite food is sushi, but, unlike other people, she can eat 70 of them in one go. Cakes and doughnuts are her next favorite foods.

With $750 weekly shopping bill, one of the major expense items for her is food. To cover these expenses, Donna has set up a website where visitors pay to watch her eat junk food.

Instead of condemning Donna’s behavior, her partner Philippe, whom the woman met on a dating site for overweight people, keeps encouraging her, although he’s relatively skinny (Philippe’s weight is about 150lbs).

Donna’s story can be a good example to show psychological causes of overeating in women. Her mother thought that food was a good way to show how she loved her children. She never let anyone (including doctors) to say anything offensive about excessive weight of her children. As a nine-year-old, the girl weighed 180lbs. Donna’s mother died soon after and her father married again. Stepmother had Donna keep a strict diet, but she snatched food from the kitchen. As a teen, Donna started worrying about her weight and began to take slimming pills. Without pleasures she used to enjoy, the former fat girl lapsed into depression. She felt miserable and couldn’t stop thinking about food. She got her weight back and immediately felt much happier.

Donna married a chef, which did no good to her weight. She kept packing on pounds as her husband thought chubby women were sexier. Sadly, her marriage fell to pieces. Donna was 31 when she decided to lose weight and was set to have gastric band surgery. But just weeks before the surgery, Donna’s friend died during a similar surgery. So Donna thought that was a sign and she didn’t need to change. Some time later, she came across a dating site for obese people. Once Donna revealed her real weight she was flooded with…admiring e-mails from men.

She keeps on gaining weight, despite putting her own life at risk. Donna admits that she loves food and people like to watch her eat. It makes people happy and doesn’t harm anyone.

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