Filling Babies’ Teeth: Is it Worth it?

Dentist VisitWhen your little one’s teeth stand in need of filling, what should you do? Hmm… that remains a moot question. There is no prevalent idea on whether it is worthwhile to treat tooth decay in little children. Some dentists believe that proper filling is necessary to prevent possible pains that may result in staying awake at nights. Yet there are others who argue that it is required only when the child is already in pain.

They maintain that the process of treatment with injections and the frightening use of the drill often cause the children a much greater discomfort.

Actually, dentists have to fall back on their own experience and decide each case separately.

Recent research in Manchester University, UK, showed that acquiring dental phobia can be a serious outcome of the tooth decay treatment, whereas the benefit of this is highly dubious.

The researches failed to find any difference in cases of dental complaints between patents who had had their teeth filled when they were babies and those who had not undergone the treatment.

So far no definite conclusion has been arrived at: scientists say that further research is required before we can settle for any clear-cut guidelines for the treatment of baby teeth.

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