Finland Is the Best Country for Motherhood

The World Organization for the Protection of Children has been analyzing the conditions for motherhood in different countries of the world for almost a year. 176 states were compared. As a result, the best and the worst countries for the birth of children were named.

Mother & Daughter

In determining the safest country for maternity, the researchers took into account such factors as the risk of death while pregnancy or childbirth, the life expectancy of children, education of children, the average income in the country, social support of mothers provided by the state, the political rights of women.

As a result, the Nordic countries took the leadership, and Finland was named the best country in the world for mothers. The second and the third places went to Sweden and Norway.

The list of the least prosperous countries for motherhood included Sub-Saharan Africa. The worst of them was the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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