German & American Authorities Support Gay Children

On Monday, the officials of these two countries adopted laws that protect gay children from the very birth. The Europeans have introduced amendments to the child’s birth certificate, and the Americans have banned the parents to affect the sexual preferences of their children in any way.


The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie signed a document regulating the behavior of mothers and fathers in relation to underage children, who are homosexuals. The official believes that trying to change them is wrong.

Christie explained his position, saying that children should not be exposed to such health risks because it is well known that pressure can cause depression, addiction to drugs and suicidal thoughts, as confirmed by the findings of the American Psychological Association.

It is worth mentioning that New Jersey is the second state in the U.S., where the attempts to cure homosexuality in children are prohibited by law. Such a legal document was approved by the authorities for the first time in California.

German officials have taken care of gay children in a different way. Starting from November 1, the parents of newborns may choose not to indicate the sex of their baby in the birth certificate. The authors of the bill believe that the matured child will fill it in the blank box later, depending on which sex he/she prefers.

Germany became the first European country to recognize the children of unknown sex. Previously, the infants born with male and female genitalia were instantaneously recorded as a boy or a girl, depending on the wish of the parents or the doctors’ recommendations.

It is currently allowed to register sex with the letter X only in Australia and New Zealand.

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