Girl Can’t Comb Her Hair Due to a Weird Syndrome

13-year-old Megan Stewart, a girl from Scotland, suffers from a rare disorder. Because of it, she cannot comb her hair properly. This simple action can literally turn off her brain.


The girl suffers from a “hair brushing syndrome”. In addition to using brushes, she is not allowed to wear polyester or touching balloons. Any contact with electrical discharges can cause unusual reactions of the brain, provoking its shutdown or sending signals to the heart and lungs. Girl has to wet her hair abundantly and lie down when she brushes it. She does not participate in classroom experiments at school either.

This diagnosis was made three years ago. Then she lost consciousness, and her lips immediately turned blue when her mother combed her. She had to call the ambulance. The medics managed to save Megan, and two months later the doctors found out the reason.

The staff at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) believes that it can be due to the complications during Megan Stewart’s birth. The girl was diagnosed with asthma and dorsal stream dysfunction (problems in the way the eye and brain are linked), that is why she does not see fast moving objects.


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