Girl Becomes Mom at 11 on Her Wedding Day

The day of her wedding was also the day when she gave birth to her daughter. The white wedding attire wasn’t exactly the symbol of innocence for the 11-year-old girl from Bulgaria by name of Kordeza Zhelyazkova.

Kordeza Zhelyazkova

Kordeza’s story is simple and touching: meeting her would-be husband, Jeliazko Dimitrov, 19, on the school playground. Engaging themselves in games and then in sexual games. Preventive measures? Using a condom? They hadn’t even heard these words.

Now Kordeza is the mother of a charming little girl named Violeta, who will probably start going to school when her mother will be finishing it.

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  1. Stella

    Okay so I read some else’s comment bout the girl lying bout her age to the guy. But the thing about this that really shocks me is that she didn’t know anything about contraception, and nor did he from what the small amount of info this webpage give. If you don’t know what youre doing then you shouldnt be doing it. And a 19 guy should know how to use a condom, I mean in schools in Canada they start explaining in baby steps sexual health in grade 6.

    And as for the fact that an 11 year old girl wanted this from the tone of the article. I would see that as a problem. But I know girls that young who made the same choice but were at least a little but educated about what they were doing

  2. rebecca

    Okay big fucking whoop, shes MARRIED to him, i’m sure that it still doesn’t mean rape. You have to accept there are other cultures and ways of thinking. He is not a pedophile, and obviously she made the conscious choice to keep the child and does she look sad in the picture at all? nope! As Americans we are so very closed off to other countries beliefs, we have no rights to Attack their belief systems. she did what she wanted. and honestly, you making a deal out of something so insignificant to your lives is absolutely Horrid!!! 

  3. Kenya

    Very interesting that those from the US. I am from the US also. How quickly we forget about grown men marrying young teenage girls at age 13 and 14 who would now be considered a pedophile. So basically, just because somebody decided to change the rules we are like so much better. What hypocrites we can be in the US.

  4. SwagCity

    Damnnnnnn, all this fighting over a girl thats pregnant. Rt -___- It happened yu cant change it, soooooooo go eat some chicken it’ll do yu good.

  5. Topy203

    one thing is 11 year old kid cant grasp, what is sex and what not, and this is according to psychologist. People develop a need for the opposites sex at the age of 12 and even then is really until we are 15 is that we are able to mostly understand the urge. This might be normal in other country but kids are innocent and don’t know this is Rape plain and simple. In any country or nation. children at that age don’t have free will and that the problem.

  6. Caitlinlll6

    u cant get married at 11 and pregnant wat?

  7. Chynna B Gordon

    what happened to the baby’s father?

  8. guest

    this isn’t even teen pregnancy, its like child pregnancy

  9. Educatediva101

    Why? What is so significant about this story? This is rape and it’s a sad case!

  10. Meylor

    no i dont agree dont judge other countries for their beliefs or anything else, u wouldnt want them to judge you

  11. Taniyahmason

    this makes me wanna lock my daughter down smh 11 tho its no way i would of let my child keep that baby i believe n abortion

  12. jay

    How would the teacher know?

  13. Peter

    How can a (then) 10yr old make a truly informed decision on such a significant matter?

  14. Wendy Br

    I just hope that the mother does finish school.

  15. Jaquine

    sorry to say through she looks happy it might not last as the child is growing up.. who ever heard of a baby giving birth to a baby.. she made a foolish mistake nd very soon the problems of marriage nd child birth would affect her… i wish her goodluck but that marriage would not last especially since he is a boy of 19 who is sexually active if he can sleep with an 11 year old girl nd shes not even a teenager yet..

  16. Louise Lane

    Thr picture is sweet and she looks much older than 11 yearsol. In America he would be charged as a pedophile. Does anyone else see that her childhood has beenhis very sho taken away from her. I guess that they marry very early in Bulgaria. If she is in America, maybe someone like a lawyer or a policeman with see this and do something. Of course, this very short article does not say where or what country that they live.

  17. Louise Lane

    In this article, it states that her “husband” is 19 years old, In America there is a law that states that if a man or woman that is an adult, which is about 17 years old, has sex with someone that is “underage”, it is considered a sex crime. She is too young to understand what was going on. She probably thought that it was a game. This is how pedaphlies get their victims. I pray that she and her child make it though life, if he is not he around, as an 11 yr. old is not old enough to get a job and be able to support her baby and her, Where is the father and is he support her.. Where is she, is it America or Bulgaria, her native country.

  18. The one who can bare a child

    Yes but they should not have to teach those things because a child or teen should not be going around and haveing sex without being married let alone a grown adult if there’s still one out there in the messed up world we live in and since well it is it’s the lack of discipline from the parents or the person that’s raising them , but the kids it’s talking about here are more the love ing type I guess could say there doing much better then most at least they did not get an Abortion n other words pay some one to kill there baby like other baby murderers and then you got the type who’s so irresponsible just like the baby murderers except they pawn there baby or child and there responsabilates off to another person 🙁 🙁 🙁 !!!

  19. The one who can bare a child

    You can get married at the age of 5 at least the girl can its for the ones who don’t live on american soil 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

  20. The one who can bare a child

    You can’t force you child to become a baby murderer it’s up to them if they won’t to follow the wicked ways of human beings 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. The one who can bare a child

    Guys there not from america they don’t do have the stupid messed up things we do the want to keep there baby s but there forced in to an abortion that they don’t want but all you we in this nation does is sleep around with what ever we can get are hands onto and keep ABORTING CHILDREN as often as we won’t 🙁 🙁 🙁 while others are crying because there being forced on to a table so the other people can ABORT THE CHILD 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 !!!

  22. The one who can bare a child

    Well one things for sure there is nothing Native about america that’s for shure !!!

  23. organic cosmetics

    Hi I am for the first time here. For a little girl is very hard to be a mother

  24. Caro Gibon

    This 11 year old is well one of the most peaceful and authentically happy looking I have ever seen. The baby, very lucky to be in the arms of a young mother. This baby, will enjoy her mother longer because she will most likely live long. I think America has got to stop turning females into childless people. We forced to do education and work and to take birthcontrol. Then when we “have the money” we want children and often its when we are at advanced maternal age of 35+ and not all women have good egg supply even past 20. I would have loved to have learnt what “sex is” by simply having six with my younger male partner, as both male and female youth have that best sperm and egg. The problem is, we need to allow women to conceive at 11 and to work it into the education system such that she and dad get not punished but allowed to go do education online and get the job or whatever the system is in the future. We should not have a system that does not allow for families and healthy offspring!

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