Girl Becomes Mom at 11 on Her Wedding Day

The day of her wedding was also the day when she gave birth to her daughter. The white wedding attire wasn’t exactly the symbol of innocence for the 11-year-old girl from Bulgaria by name of Kordeza Zhelyazkova.

Kordeza Zhelyazkova

Kordeza’s story is simple and touching: meeting her would-be husband, Jeliazko Dimitrov, 19, on the school playground. Engaging themselves in games and then in sexual games. Preventive measures? Using a condom? They hadn’t even heard these words.

Now Kordeza is the mother of a charming little girl named Violeta, who will probably start going to school when her mother will be finishing it.

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  1. Karl

    A new campaign by Philadelphia officials to reduce sexually transmitted diseases allows children as young as 11 to receive free condoms via mail order, outraging some parents who believe that’s too early to start getting physical.

    The program, offered by the city’s Department of Health, features a website that includes facts on diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS, as well as detailed — and playful — instructions for young girls on how to use female condoms….

    Jeff Moran, a spokesman for Philadelphia’s Department of Health, said the campaign was launched last week. No complaints had been received as of today, he said.

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled the campaign on April 7 as he announced the winning design for the city’s custom-labeled condom wrapper.

    Recent national data indicates that Philadelphia has one of the highest rates of STDs among comparable cities, with African-Americans and adolescents being disproportionately affected, according to city officials. And a 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 37 percent of sexually active Philadelphia high school students did not use a condom during their last sexual encounter.

  2. Karl

    This is the USA….(the above article) USA has more skeleton in their closet than any other country……..Who has authorized USA as supervisor of the universe. USA and all its citizens should mind their own business and take their noses out of another country’s business. Clean your house before cleaning someone else’s

  3. Christina

    I don’t like the fact that young girls are getting pregnant and why so young but when it’s in a different country, what can you do? It’s their country, their rules, you know? We can bitch and complain that it’s not right but are any of us doing anything about it? I guess not. I do not like the idea of any child getting pregnant either by force or not but nobody seems to do anything about it. Before us “Americans” judge other country of their ‘rules” we should look in our society first. We have young girls almost close to that age, having sex, drinking, doing drugs and getting pregnant and most do get on welfare and end up taking care of the child them self and maybe some help from their own parents because the daddy don’t want to be around (most of them).

  4. gratedcheese

    I think that it is kind of wrong that she had a kid at that age, but it is part of their culture and they should be respected as such. Whatever they feel is right, should be what they do. And Matt is right. In the US, having sex with a minor (if they wanted to or not) it is considered rape. So you may think that is untrue, but the justice system believes it to be. But this article does not disclose the fact that the father is facing jail time. So, yeah. (No further comments please. First and last time user of this site.)

  5. Jessica

    Sarah and Matt are right, thier culture is much different.They also failed to show all of the facts. Also, thier culture is much different than most. Yes, the age of consent is 14. And yes, she did lie and tell him that she was 15. So before you start rambling on about how sick and stupid they are, or that they’re pedophiles, try sinking the facts through your thick skull.

  6. Angelique

    Wow, people. Way to be mature adults and fight over the internet. Really? Those of ya’ll who are in the USA, which I presume the majority of you all who are fighting are, need to take care of the teens and children in OUR country first before judging someone else in a different one! We have a show called 16 & Pregnant for goodness sakes! That’s practically SCREAMING “Ooh! Ooh! Have sex and get on TV!” Teen pregnancy is bad enough in our own country! I mean, come on people. Get over it, and keep the nasty comments to yourself.

  7. Pixiegurl4u

    Well i wish her the best. I became a mother at the age of 15 and then again at 17. Shit happens. When I was 14 I thought I’ve done found the “LOVE OF MY LIFE” but damn was i wrong. All I ended up with was 2 kids and hes out living the high life. Good luck sweety. and that is such a beautiful baby

  8. Caitlin

    I agree with Matt it is their culture and if you’re not happy with it just shut your  traps and ignore it! over in Bulgaria it is normal to get funky at that age. And god you’re all being so immature death sentence come on lets be serious!?

  9. Deirdre

    ok, maybe in the USA it ia not legal.. and is made out to be a very unheard of thing.. girls all over the world are married off as soon as the get their first menstral cycle. In the bible Mary was only 13 when she was enpregnanted with Jesus… In the hispanic culture and many other cultures girls are married off as young as 13 to men as old as 65 yrs.. thats the way things have been done for hundreds of years.. only in the last hundred or couple hundred years its been made out to be a more and more unheard of / scandalous / or terrible thing… you people need to know your own history before you can say that it is a terrible thing… alot of people even in the USA have married into their own families to “preserve blood lines” it has happened in all of our families.. thats just how it is…

  10. Deirdre

    i mean honestly im 17 and i understand this better than most of the people who have commented thats pretty sad in my opinion

  11. SparksFlyy

    the 19 year-old should have known better,I mean what was he thinking?? He must be a loser to have to hook up with an eleven year old instead of someone his own age. And seriously its says that neither one had heard of prevention or condoms?? I would hope all 19 year olds would know what a condom is. She shouldve of known what could happen too, and the article makes it sound like a good, happy ,thing But seriously she had her whole life ahead of her. Im only 12 so I knowo how she must feel to have so much responsibility hopefully she makes it ok(:

  12. SparksFlyy

    adding on to my last commment because i wasnt done with it , i know that in different cultures that would be allowed but it still doesnt really seem right, they werent married or anything!

  13. stargurll

    ok, im 12 and i just spent 2 hours reading all of your comments. Pathetic. i cant beleive that some of you are like 30 and still stupid. this shouldnt be an international internet fight. 11 year olds arent as dumb and immature as you think. if i had a baby, i would know how 2 handle it. tv shows like that arent bad. they teach kids what could happen if you have sex. to me, it sounds like most of u want the best 4 kids, so y are shows like 16 and pregnant bad? ive watched it and it never occured 2 me tht if i got pregnant i cud b on tv. u adults 4got about ur childhood yrs and if u remembered them at all, this internet fight wud not be happening. i know wat a condem is, and it wasnt bcuz my parents told me. in all countrys teens are doping it and getting pregnant.

    also, wats all this talk about mary? i thought she was virgin? im jewish so idk about all this bible stuff…

    try to remember ur childhood people! u post all this crap thats just swearing at people bcuz they dont hav the same brain as u and u pretend ur standing up 4 children! im a child. im reading this and if u guys r parents, i hope this isnt normal 4 u 2 b like this. its not bad 4 kids 2 no about wat sex is and risks. how do u even call people u dont no sluts or whores? u all hav sick minds and i hope it duznt rub off on ur children.

  14. MilitaryGirl

    For all of you that bashed and accused the USA of what is supposedly legal or illegal, you need to shut the hell up because every culture is different. In the USA, any person under the age of 17, who has sex with someone older than 17, is considered a rape victim. I’m 19, I’ve had 2 pregnancies. One was when I was 17, with twins but, I had a miscarriage with that one. 3 1/2 weeks ago, I had a baby boy. I know someone who’s 12 and pregnant. I’m not saying it’s right but seriously, if it’s legal in another country, then drop it! Don’t judge this young girl when she’s married! 
    You may think that I’m okay with this, and I’m not, but we need to consider the other cultures.

    @stargurll: If you had a child now, it’d be a lot more work than you probably think. Raising a child is no easy task. I’m up every 2-3 hours to feed him, change his diaper, and give him the occasional bath. My boyfriend works so it’s not easy unless it’s the weekend, then he does all the work for me so I can sleep. 

  15. Ginger

    hello people well i am a young women myself and seeing this is a shock to me but it is how they are, she’s happy, i have raised a kid my little brother marcus because my step mother was a cunt and wouldnt do it i was turning 8 when he turned 2 years old it wasn’t easy i was taken out of school to raise him i understand what she went through ( beside being pregers and having a kid) i live in the USA ad its not any different here then there the same stuff happens here as there, there is no helping love or the sick fucks out there that are idk crazy the USA isnt any better of a place we just have a better system thats all

  16. Rod

    I just don’t believe that people can be so judgemental in what they read, and don’t see it happening in their own country or communitity. The thing that I don’t get it, if the person who is caught committing the crime or incident, the familie and friends would all say “that he doesn’t need to be sentenced for that, cause he would never hurt a fly” or sayings as such, when the person is found guilty. If you read what the article stated, it wasn’t something that took place right that instance, but in a matter of time, from what I’m reading……This world we live in is crazy anyway. Anything and everything is happening and its being done without remorse……I think there is something wrong with the system itself. all we can do is just comment and get ourselves ridiculed by others…….

  17. Rod

    This is straight off of the presses, I had a very nice conversation with someone in another country, and she told me that where she is from, it is customary for young girls to be wedded off to older men, because if the man can provide for her, than the families agree upon it, plus, it takes the burden off of the girls parents, because the parents can’t provide for her the way they would want it to be. I also agree with those who believe that others have their own customs and beliefs. So, let it be, we may live in a different soceity as others. And I find that our system, there are a lot of flaws. But yet, they all want to be judgemental in what they see or view…..Sad…..

  18. abby

    @Travis Smith Why the death sentence? They havent even heard of a condom! and its not like he killed someone! Personally, I think that she and others will learn from it.

  19. stargurll

    militarygirl: its hard 4 people with anorexia 2 sleep.

  20. Lola

    Soooo. She didnt know what a fucking condom is. Big deal…She said she was 15. she just wanted some. But thats not the damn point yall need to get  the fucking point “SHE IS HAPPY” Okayee yall dont need too go on about it just end it if she wasnt happy she would look miserable. But no she has a smile on her face and she has a baby in her hand so leave her the FUCK ALONE. And by the wayits not the end of the world. 

  21. Lola

    What u aint got anything too fukkin say huhh? 

  22. moi

    i dont give a damn about their society says is acceptable. it is wrong and the man is selfish. she is 11 she should not be raising a child. they are both selfish to her parent who are going to have step in to raise her and her child. some of you commenters are sick in the head id you think this is OK. her parents failed her. she hasnt properly developed yet, psychically or emotionally, so she will not be a good role model to the baby. i cant stand how men are so obsessed with youth it is creepy. then to top it off she is getting married. no 11 year old should promise their life away. I bet that man isnt even going to take care of either of them. he is scum

  23. shar

    o whatever about its their culture. im 19 and i wouldnt have sex with some who is 11.not because of my culture but it is just wrong. the man is a creep and too pathetic. at least if the woman was 19 she could look after the baby. but a 11 year old cant bring in an income to support a baby  (excluding willow smith). anyone supporting this needs to be shot

  24. Me

    I think it’s sad that people have spent so many months throwing around all this negativity towards the girl, her family, culture, etc. If a girl thinks she’s ready to engage in the act, all that would stop her is proper education and maybe her parents threatening to shoot the guy. Children often do unusual and even (in the eyes of some) immoral things out of curiosity. Maybe she wondered what would happen if she kept letting him pleasure her, because when it’s not forced, a child might perceive it as “if it feels good it must be good”. When I was her age, I knew people who had been sleeping around for awhile — lo and behold, a lot of them are mothers now, and became that under 20. 

    People need to quit bashing other cultures and countries just because in THEIR country or narrow mind, something is wrong. She looks happy, one of the mentioned articles DID state that her parents would be Violeta’s legal guardians. It doesn’t much matter how the situation happened, only how they’re handling it. 

    I’m not saying I am FOR children having children. God forbid (and I’m not religious in the slightest) that a child be a mother young; my cousin just turned 8, her middle sister only just 13. How do you think their families would handle them being pregnant, or married that young? In Canadian culture, as much as it’s viewed as wrong, it happens all the time. Young people just aren’t educated enough to realise what happens if they do that unprotected, or even know what birth control is. In my childhood, we learned about sex in school in the fourth grade; some of us were told sooner by our parents, and any bets the parents that tell us early were 14-19 when we were born? 

    Not trying to raise a shit storm or anything, just wanting to voice an opinion (: 

    Also, people, learn to use grammar please? 😀 It’s sad to see the 10-30 year-olds having the same levels of grammar and proper spelling these days, at the fault of the magical devices we call technology.

    thank you, have a nice day (: 

  25. Kellie

    Dang! When I was 11 years old I was still playing with Barbie dolls and going to sleepovers! That was just over 10 years ago! This is so unusual to me… I just can’t imagine being happy with any life-changing decision I could have made at 10 or 11 years old. Things have changed so much for me in the last decade, I’ve changed my opinions, my desires and I’ve taken time to find myself and figure out my purpose in life.
    If I had gotten pregnant or married some guy at such a young age, I would probably be miserable now! I honestly feel sorry for this little girl. She’s going to be responsible for raising a child when she herself has not grown up yet… but then again, I guess I just don’t understand the culture. She’s going to have a tough road ahead of her so more than anything I just hope she is surrounded by love and support from family members, friends and neighbors. Above all, I hope that her husband is a perfect gentlemen to her and the family they’re raising.

  26. LJ

    The guy is not a paedophile. Paedophilia is a mental disorder rather than the term used to label anyone who has sex with underage people. That mother told the father that she was 15, a year over the age of consent in Bulgaria because she thought he wouldn’t fancy her if she told him the truth. We see it happening all the time in Western cultures, with girls telling guys they are older than they are. While I don’t condone the guys behaviour, they should both hold responsibility because of their actions. The father was also worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for his family because he might have to go to jail, and the grandmothers are going to be guardians for the little girl. Just because their culture is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong; as a lot of people have stated, it’s just the way they do things in that culture. The fact that they getting married means that they’re taking responsibility for their actions in my opinion and not being amoral.

  27. Kenken

    I know I am a little late, and don’t think I am for this at all. But it says “would-be-husband” What if they were suppose to get married whether or not she got pregnant? It could of been an arrangement. With that being said, the culture where the people are from, is important. So think about it before you comment. Yes it is shocking an 11 year old is pregnant. But look at it this way. For all you Americans that paid attention to history.. the “girls” around this age would be married, have probably 3 kids and the husband could be anywhere from 15-26. So it is not uncommon. It happened in the old days. Way back when. I am an American female and I think that if you think this girl was raped and the guy should go to prision, you are wrong. Take a look at their culture. And I agree with whoever said that we should take a look at our own country before we judge another. Why? Cause I know kids a lot younger who are trying to have sex. Think about it. This time and age, is when everything is about sex. America is just a bit faster then the old countries who have been around for A LOT LOT longer. Okay? Just had to put in my two sense. Thanks for listening. 

  28. JenniveniciaLuckett

    What.. The. Fuck.

  29. jamiara

    he is sick having sex with a 11 year old child she probley had big dreams ahead of her now shes got a pretty baby girl. i bet that stupid ass bastard somewhere having sex with more girls on the playground.

  30. jamiara

    that stupid bastard probley sitting on his ass.getting this 11 year old girl pregnant she probley had big dreams ahead of her but now she has two take care of her pretty baby girl by her self.he probley having babies with more girls he needs to be stopped i no she is going to be a good mother to her baby him dont no but i no he is to old for her he needs to find women his on age insted of having sex with little kids. IM NOT JUDGEING THEM BUT THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

  31. wmc

    she was ten years old, not 11.

  32. Victoria

    You guys are rediculous! Yes I believe 11 is too young to have a child however that is their culture and what gives you the right to judge them on their culture. Besides you all act as if the US is all that high and might, but seem to forget that the US had a time where 14 was more then legal to be married and start a family. So just because it is different for you and not what you are use to don’t go bashing othe cultures. Especially when all you know about this story is the paragraph written about it…. Grow up all of you!

  33. kde

    I cannot start to begin to start to state my out-right irritation at these ‘f’ucking comments. Seriously, because reading whats written and not taking things out of contact (or from your a’ss) is obviously hard to do for you all so I will plainly state this: She was the ‘f’ucking liar, not him. In NO WAY do I support underage sex or statutory rape, but honestly they are kids, yes 19 means adult in USA, but adult means 14 in their country, so do you really want to use that RAPE card? no. If they were in USA this matter would be more sickening, seeming how the parents are allowing all this to happen….BUT this IS their way of life just like sex before 18 with someone who is older then 18 is our way of life. Stop judging other countries, it only makes you look like a young minded dumbass. Experience the world a bit (even if GOOGLE is all you have) to get a better understanding of different cultures because your parents did a horrible job at that.

    No one is agreeing that any of this is right, but if your going to blame anyone in this matter…blame the 11 year old that forever screwed her life, her baby’s life, and her husband’s life over all because she lied. Or the parents, but that’s a far stretch.

  34. Laura

    Wow. Can you imagine yourself as 11 having to push a baby through you, and having to feel those horrible contractions at such a young age? I’m not sure if that’s the norm over there, but that’s ridiculous.

  35. anilevex3

    i am Bulgarian, and i have to say that this is giving all of us a bad name, but this girl was very poor. for her family and relatives, its normal to have babies and get married at that age. and it was definitely not rape. SHE CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM. just because hes 19, doesnt mean ANYTHING. thats the way of life over there. im not saying thats how i am, i live in the US. but there it is so much different. there are kids drinking and smoking and having sex and getting married at such a young age. more than half the kids probably have no chance of having a good education and stuff like we in the US do, because of how poor they are over there. and the whole thing about age is ridiculous over here. over in Bulgaria, no one cares about the age. and i think thats the way it should be. age should NOT determine how much you love a person. i think the whole age thing over here in the US is complete B.S.  like if two people love each other let them be!

    and “kde”, i agree with what you said.

  36. anilevex3

    my mom had me at 18 and got married at 18. shes from Bulgaria. totally normal over there. and shes still with my dad. been with him for 14 years. nothing wrong with that.

  37. sarah

    OK to be honest it doesn’t matter how it happened, if she was raped i doubt her parents would have allowed her to marry the guy. obviously, regardless  of how it happened she has to deal with the consequences for the rest of her life. and all of you guys commenting on how stupid others are doesn’t matter. because either way, its no body’s business but hers. and judging something you don’t know is wildly in appropriate just like people judge your comments and call you stupid, that’s what happening to this little girl. she will be judged and have an amount of hurt that the rest of us could barely handle. take this into consideration, maybe her family is so bad off she needed to marry to have a better life. you never know the story, it could be something bad, something good, or just what it is, but  the amazing thing is, no one but her and her family need to know. 

  38. Paul

    I don’t know what the fuss is about, look at her..  Id bang her too lol the guy needs a high five!

  39. Natural Soaps

    OMG that is so sad poor girl I got sick to read that

  40. thephle72

    If this young lady, girl is 11 I am the Pope. I am not even RC. She look much older than 11 years old or she has a very good make-up person for her wedding. She looks at least 15 or 16. Or Girls in Bulgaria looks older than their age belies them. But if she is only then whom ever got her pregnant should be in jail for statutory rape. If there is such a law in Bulgaria.

    Many of those former Soviet nations who are second and third world nations have no laws regarding sexual relations between minors and those of consenting age. Where where he parents. Does the UN or the Bulgarian Government monitor this type of behavior amongst it’s peoples. Probably not since this happened. I agree with Travis. If Bulgaria has laws against pedophiles.

    Again most of these countries over in the eastern bloc do not have laws against child porn or pedophiles. In fact Russia has child brothels as do many eastern European nations as well as Holland and other European nations. Many people from the USA go to these nations to have sexual intercourse with children. It is not uncommon for this to take place. Many nations in Asia have no laws for sex acts with children either. Thailand is wide open when it comes to lack of sexual morals. There are other Asia nations as well. They are well documented. for the right price anyone can go to another country and get anything sexual they want.

    As far as other cultures goes and what their laws are has no bearing on what God’s laws are. His laws are above mans laws and are the final authority. It says in his book “that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around the neck of a person and that they be dropped into the ocean than for them suffer God’s wrath for harming a child.” God is very specific concerning sexual. It is only for adults and only for married people, and never outside of marriage. That is GOD’s final answer.

  41. Stevie

    wooowwwwww…some people. seriously, why start stupid bs over an article about an obviously SMILING girl with a healthy baby? and note….HUSBAND so with a father around as well. who cares if shes 11?? yeah, that may be young, but HERE in the USA, i know a little girl that lives on the OTHER SIDE OF MY BLOCK, that is only 7 and has had sex already with a boy that is 8 that lives just on the other side of town. you think your better than them just because you waited till your eggs are almost dead? and how much better the usa is than over there? check your own dam country first, hell OUR own country….what are the percentage rates of teen pregnancies these days?? off the charts. just in my towns high school of maybe, 4-500 students, i know personally, 23 mothers, and 6 expectant mothers right now. those are just the teenagers i know personally, as well as at the high school alone, not including the younger schools. i do not believe children should have sex at such a young age, but it is THEIR decision and have NO need for bullshit HATERS going around talking trash and trying to make them feel bad about themselves. the few above me are right, she had the baby, is taking care of it, that baby could have been aborted, or she could have had others hit her stomach and do stupid things[such as a few people i know have done to try to get rid of their baby HERE in USA]as that. no body is perfect, but whether or not they started their lives earlier or later, is not to be judged upon, only supported with helpful and considerate words. ohh, btw, there is a HUGE difference between STATUTORY rape, and rape alone. obviously she was not raped, and the whole statutory rape bs, is just a way to keep elder folks from having sex with young people….not a teenager. i WAS raped….while i was 16….statutory rape….by a 35yr old man. i dated his nephew for over a year, we broke up i got into a fight with my mom, was upset over his nephew, so hung out with what i now know, a perverted screwed up man, but seemed as though just a nice uncle person that i could talk to. i got drugged, as well as my friend because i wanted her to come with me because we went out of town and i didnt want to be alone, he put it in our food, and as we started feeling ourselves weave in and out of conciousness, he took me and layed me down and i could do nothing about it. and now i live with that memory scared into my head terrorizing me all the time. i lost my view of sex being a sacred thing, slept with the next person that i dated[which did end up to be over a year] delt with sexual problems than ended up pregnant by them. still living with what has happened before, and now having a child to think about, has helped me be able to fix a lot of my own problems. that was consensual, even though i was not in the right mind, but with my x’s uncle, THAT is rape. not some girl having CONSENSUAL sex with an older [STILL] TEENAGER. 

  42. NESHA B

    When you dont know any better you wont do better it clearly says the didnt know about condoms and things like that. it clearly states that she does not live in the USA .. Everyone is judging her because she had a child at 11. but like someone else stated she is also married to the father of her child. If she wasnt supposed to have a baby then she wouldnt have had a baby. you never know what her life could have been like before she had a baby..maybe having a baby has benefited her, maybe she is more focused on becoming someone for her child. I never knew being blessed with a child was a bad thing…She can still go to school and do everything else she had a baby she didnt ruin her life!. some of you people are very judgemental. because im sure alllllllll of you waited until marriage to have kids and do anything sexual.. instead of kicking someone when there down how about going to bulgaria and teaching sex education ..oh shit i forgot you can hardly control your own life in the USA how can you possibly dictate someones in another country .. silly people.. May GOD bless you with knowledge and understanding.

  43. Jay

    That’s horrible, it’s not even considered ‘teenage pregnancy,’ “child pregnancy,’ for those condoning an 11 y.o having sex and getting pregnancy because she’s not a US resident doesn’t excuse the fact of negligent parents and the 19 year old ‘man’. Parents are pathetic and the people who say “It’s okay,” you’re just as pathetic, lets see your 11 year old get pregnant by an 19 year old and we’ll see if it’s just “okay.” Most are also implying that it is “okay” for her not even finishing her education to be a ‘mom,’ please. Everyone is entitled to opinions but most of yours suck and if you’re put into this situation lets see how ‘open minded’ you’ll be.

  44. sarah

    Ive been having a row with a woman on line myself only today as I made a comment about teen pregnancy as I had my 1st child at 14 20 years ago,She’s have a fit the nasty vile mouthed woman if she saw this.As long as the child is cared for and loved surely that’s the main thing that matters,Good luck to her and hope she enjoys every minute of mother hood,I certainly have.

  45. Julianna

    Wait… i dont understand why people call this boy a pedophile, and call her a slut… that makes no sence..  I mean how do you know that she has to take care of the baby by herself?  it did say she was getting married to him, but had the baby the day of the wedding. you know i dont encourage haveing sex at a young age, i dont think thats right at all. but it happened. She looks happy dosent she? And it obviously wasnt rape if she was getting married to him. people need to be more open minded… no its not the best thing in the world for her, but if she wanted it, than she got it if not well, shit happens. but she can enjoyed every minute with her beautiful baby girl. So ya’ll need to step back and think about what your saying. And good luck to her!

  46. alle

    I read the article and Emily is correct there was a 5yr old,who was pregant

  47. Jess

    Ok haters, look at her smiling in the picture. Isnt she happy? Yeah she fuckin is, so get over her age and get your facts right.
    In that country 14yr olds can fuck, get married, ect… Its not rape if its consentual and if shes at the age of consent, but she wasnt. But look at that cute lil kid and that girls smile, read about how theyre gettin married, and get a life other than commenting on shit and hatin. Pisses me off how people judge and catagorize something that isnt even worth hatin on.
    Different country, different people, different standards.

  48. Wi C

    she looks happy in front of the camera……you wouldnt know how she really feels unless you go to here country and ask her….tradition my ass! this case is simple …you dont have sex with 10 year olds….and any parent letting there child do so shound be locked up…no matter what country it is…and all the church talk doesnt have nothing to do with it………..the bible has mysteries of its own ,that cant be explained.

  49. kat

    ok…i was reading all these FASINATING comments and i noticed that the girls actual teacher just shared the whole story so it WAS rape. but any-who. how can it be consentual? she didnt even know what was going on. she was still playing on the playground and didnt know what a condom was. if she had been to sex ed class than i could understand but how can you people sit there and say she wanted it?? she didnt even know what IT was. she just liked the guy. i understand it may be normal in that country but that doesnt make it right. tho i would like to point out AGAIN that her teacher said it WAS rape so why are there still people arguing??

  50. qt

    I can’t even imagine this o.o i didn’t even get my period til i was like 13. Like wow. and image the pain! OUCH! she’s not even a grown up yet, im surprised she didn’t die during birth.

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