Give Birth to Twins on the 37th Pregnancy Week

Australian researchers from the University of Adelaide advise the women, who are expecting twins, to give birth during the 37th week of pregnancy. They claim that this will help avoid a number of complications.

Pregnant Woman's Belly

The study, which involved 235 women from Australia, Italy and New Zealand, has shown that the twins, who were born during the 37th week of pregnancy, were less likely to suffer from low weight for their age, compared with the children, born during the 38th week or later. The study, conducted by Australian scientists, is the most ambitious research of this kind.

According to the project leader Jody Dodd, twins face significant risks during prenatal development. Jody Dodd notes that this is due to slow development of one or both babies. Reducing the rate of twins’ development can lead to a lack of weight at birth, which conditions the need for additional care and predetermines possible health problems later in life.

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