Going to Bed Late Makes Children Smarter

The researchers from the University of Madrid have discovered that “lark” children have no advantage over “owls”. The children, who go to bed later, were even more successful.

Baby Sleeps

The study of the researchers involved about 1,000 adolescents. During the data processing of all the children participating in the experiment, it was found that the children, who prefer to stay up late, are more intelligent, and, as a consequence, they have a better chance of getting a good school certificate, and subsequently, more prestigious jobs with higher incomes.

The scientists also explained the fact that “larks” often show better results during the examination. The point is that studying and exams usually take place at the wrong time, if you go to bed late. The researchers examined the school performance indicators, as well as the intellectual level of all the participants of the experiment. The results showed that the “owls” demonstrated higher levels of intelligence and higher performance. Their conceptual and analytical thinking tends to be better than that of larks. Later on, it could lead to innovative thinking, a prestigious profession, and higher incomes.

The most famous “owls” are President Barack Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley. The “larks” included such well-known figures as George Bush, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, Condoleezza Rice, and Ernest Hemingway.

In future, successful “owl” teenagers get creative professions, associated with irregular working schedule, while successful “larks” often become representatives of more stringent professions, such as architects, accountants, engineers, and bankers.

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