Half of Mothers Not Feeling Bonded to Their Newborns

All of us grow up to believe that woman is elated as she takes into her arms her newborn child and feels the new life that she has just brought into the world. It may be considered to be a supreme moment in the life of a woman.


But not any woman, according to a poll of over 2,000 women commissioned by Colief Infant Drops. It appears that most mothers get no immediate feeling of belonging together with their newborn baby and have to try and develop this feeling. Many women said that they had no sensation of being a “natural mother” after the delivery.

The new responsibility for a fragile life made more than 30% of mothers feel aghast at the prospect – although they generally brace themselves. Over 50% assured their relatives and friends that they mean to become good mothers.

The seamy side of the story overwhelms almost a third of women who believe they are unable to succeed in being good mothers, which makes them depressed.

In this case Alison Knights, psychologist, warns new mothers not to get at themselves for not being perfect the whole time, it is always a time of learning, when both parents and children are developing as they are getting along. It is fine for the baby, actually.

For instant, when a baby is crying, it shouldn’t be imputed as criticism, and doesn’t mean that the mother is at fault – it’s just the baby saying that he or she wants attention or need something. Because more than 30% of mothers begin to berate themselves when they see that the baby is unhappy.

Another bit of side information ran that approximately 35% of moms thought they were smitten by post-natal depression after delivery, but 19% never went to consult their doctor about it.

The worst thing about babycare, in the opinion of most polled (almost 80%), are troubled and sleepless nights.

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