How Much Do Cisco Certification Exams Really Cost You?

So, you’re pregnant. But it doesn’t mean the only things you will see from now on are diapers, bottles and pacifiers. Before you become a new mom, you still have several months which you could spend on education. Cisco Certification Exams come at a price. The extent of this price is not always obvious to those who sign up to take them, but it becomes apparent sooner or later. It would be better for you to learn the price before the exam rather than after it.



Cisco Certification Exams cost money. You will be forking over a fair chunk of change for the honor of even attempting one of these exams, so you better be ready for it if you want to get your money’s worth. This is nowhere near the end of the price that you will pay, though.


Preparing for Cisco Certification Exams requires a lot of time. You need to know every detail of every topic on the exam if you want to be totally prepared. Expert or not, you will need to put in this time to ensure that your knowledge isn’t lacking in any important area.


It takes a lot of effort to get ready for these exams, too. If you are going to phone in your studying efforts, then you will probably get a suitable response in the form of your final score. It takes work to learn this much information and these hands-on skills, and you need to put forth all the effort that the exam requires.

The Reward

You pay a high price to take Cisco Certification Exams and pass, but the rewards are worth it. After your maternity leave is over your career and your life will be improved, and you will have earned it. You can’t put a price on that.

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