How to Protect Kids from Asthma

In recent years, this pulmonary disease has become one of the most common diseases in children. Meanwhile, there is a simple way to prevent asthma, which any family can afford.


To significantly increase the protective properties of the child’s body and prevent the asthmatic disease, you need to regularly feed the kids with oatmeal porridge. It is very important to start feeding them with oat porridge as early as possible. Researchers believe that one needs approximately five months to teach a child to eat oatmeal. Then the porridge will have an almost guaranteed effect.

It was found that the people, who like oatmeal, are significantly less likely to suffer from asthma. According to the Telegraph, the study showed that the children who are given porridge at an early age are 60% less prone to asthma than the rest.

This porridge is also needed in the diet of an adult person. Regular consumption of oatmeal helps the body fight bad cholesterol, promotes better performance of the intestine, and strengthens blood vessels and the immune system in general. It must be remembered that the positive effect on health is observed in case the porridge is made ​​from whole grains rather than polished flakes.


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