How to Protect Future Baby from Asthma and Allergy

Healthy BabyCan I ensure the health of my future children? Yes, you can! The scientists reassured that pregnancy diet influences baby’s health in the long term. Eating just an apple every day will help pregnant woman to protect her baby from possible allergies and asthma, according to the team of immunologists from St. John Hospital, The Detroit Medicine Centre and Beaumont hospital.

They studied the link between the diet of 1000 pregnant women and the health of their children under five years of age.

The findings show that women who ate apples every day during pregnancy period reduced the risk of allergy in their babies by 37% and the risk of asthma by 46%.

Health benefits of apples are explained by their high content of strong flavonoids and other antioxidants. One apple per day is enough to be protected.

Research team also found that eating fish once a week lowers the risk of eczema and dermatitis in infants. To avoid food allergies, doctors encourage pregnant women keep a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables and stay away from too much nuts (especially peanut) that, on the contrary, may trigger allergy in babies.

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  1. Marina

    I’m not pregnant, but the tiny baby on the picture is so cuuute!

  2. Bella

    can you help me? how to protect my child from getting asma, it because on this week she have been attack of asma and i don’t know what to do? please help?


    Bella, please, consult a doctor immediately! Your child needs professional help!

  4. Binti

    Thanks, i get good advice …& happy to know about Apple……

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