It’s School Time for the Twins That Are Different As Chalk and Cheese

It’s dead easy to tell the twins Marcia and Millie Briggs apart… Much more difficult to make people believe they are relatives, let alone sisters!

Twins Marcia and Millie Briggs

Born in July 2006, at first the baby girls looked very much alike, just like twins should, but before long they began to develop different individualities – to a great astonishment of doctors and parents.

Marcia and Millie’s parents, Amanda and Michael, resorted to IVF treatment when they decided to have children after living together for 10 years. It turned out that Marcia looks like her mother, fair of skin and with golden brown hair, while Millie resembles her father, who hails from Jamaica – both have dark skin and black curly hair.

Twins Marcia and Millie Briggs

Turned four this year, the black and white twins began to attend Osborne Junior and Infant School in Birmingham, cute in their new uniforms – and hardly looking like the sisters they are!

Mom Amanda, 42, says that “I still get the same puzzled looks and questions just like I did three years ago,” and it seems she’d better brace herself for more years of the same.

In temperament, she recounts, the girls are also worlds apart, Marcia being bolder and more sociable (“a cheeky little monkey”, as her mother puts it), while Millie, the timid one, needed drawing out, but is gradually outgrowing her babyish timidity over the last two years.

Source of the image: Ilenwu.blogspot.

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